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      您现在的位置是:首页 > 心情说说 > 【心情说说】朋友圈英文文案大全 微信个性英文小短句带翻译

      【心情说说】朋友圈英文文案大全 微信个性英文小短句带翻译

      发布时间:2020-01-16 16:18 作者:懂你说说网 文章来源:网友投稿 ()人已围观

      简介欢迎来到【 懂 你【 说说 】网】,欢迎阅读今天的分享, 希望 你能喜欢 欢迎来到【 懂 你【 说说 】网】,欢迎阅读今天的分享, 希望 你能喜欢 1:One day,we donlt have to say goodoye,just say good...


      1: One day,we donlt have to say goodoye,just say good night.总有[一]天,【我们】不用再说再见,只需道句晚安

      2: May you be faithful to yoursel,ive eamesty and lsugh freel(愿你忠于自己,活的认真,笑的放肆)

      3: The twentieth meeting you used to spend al my uck.(遇见你花光了我所有的运气)

      4: Love is the most difficult thing in the world世间万物,爱最难缠...

      5: Born a layman,like money and moved.生而俗人,喜欢金钱和感动...

      6: Becauseofyou,llostmyway.因为你,我迷失了方向...

      7: It&#s better to make methylethylpropanedine in Qing Dynasty.(不如两清,做甲乙丙丁...)

      8: It&#s just that after being alone for a long time.I don&#t want to care about anything else只是孤独久了,就不想在乎别的事情了...

      9: Liwe a good life meet slomy(好好生活慢慢相遇)

      10: Around the galaxy,there are no brighter stars than you.(环游遍了整个星系,找不到比你更亮的星星)

      11: Want to give you a hug,let the world know.(想给你[一]个拥抱,让全世界都知道...)

      12: cross the stars and the moon to meet yourself better跨过星河迈过月亮去迎接更好的自己

      13: Ihope you&#re here for me(我希望你为我而来)

      14: I&#m dark all over,and I always want to give sunshine to others.自己满身阴暗,还总想给别人阳光

      15: I want to say good night to the worid.you happen to be the world.想对全世界说晚安,恰好你就是全世界

      16: you are backit with all the good things in this world.(你逆光而来配得上这世间所有的好)

      17: The first one out of the big wind came home with me(外面风大,和我回家)

      18: The fifth leter may be time to just your eyes smiling.(可能时间刚好,你眼角带笑)

      19: Born sensitive,lonely and happy.生而敏感,孤独而快乐...

      20: Don&#t deny yourself,you are very kind,very gentle,especially worthwhile.(别否定自己,你特别好,特别温柔,特别值得...)

      21: The world is suidernly late the mountains rivers sre slready autum(人间忽晚,山河已秋...)

      22: Ihope you&#re here for me.(我希望你是为我而来)

      23: The weather suddenly cools,so its time to turn the story.(天气突然变凉,故事也该翻篇了...)

      24: you can&#t stop yourself from being vulgar,but you canlt be romantic.无法阻止自己落俗,但浪漫不死...

      25: Around the galaxy,there are no brighter stars than you.(环游遍了整个星系,找不到比你更亮的星星)

      26: The first one out of the big wind came home vwith me.(外面风大,和我回家)


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